Ashton Olson chosen as 2024 Service Scholarship Winner

In 2020 Michigan Mortgage introduced the Service Scholarship with the goal of recognizing High School Seniors who shared the dreams of pursuing a career in service.

Careers in service include:

  • Military
  • Teachers & Educators
  • Government & Politics
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • First Responders
  • Doctors & Nurses

For 2024, we received dozens of applicants and reviewed each one closely. We learned about each students’ goals and aspirations, community service they completed, impacts they made in West Michigan, and how they plan to give back to those that need it most.

Service Scholarship Winner, Ashton OlsonAfter much consideration, Michigan Mortgage is pleased to announce Ashton Olson, a 2024 Fruitport High School graduate, as a winner of this year’s Michigan Mortgage Service Scholarship.

She said the following in his application.

“Service means to me, helping, giving back, and supporting people or communities in need. Giving my time and effort to support those who need help.”

Ashton is an excellent student, a natural reader and is motivated and driven by the high expectations she sets for herself. When faced with adversity, she’s the first to step in and help those around her.

We were told that she is a kind, caring, responsible leader that embodies what a great role model would be for the young ladies in our community.

Ashton is headed to Grand Valley State University in the fall. Her long-term career goal is to become a health and physical education teacher.

“Being a health and physical education teacher is important to me because children need to know how to take care of their bodies and be healthy,” Ashton said. “I love sports and I hope to encourage kids to do so as well!”

Congratulations, Ashton! We can’t wait to watch you change the world!