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An Employee’s Perspective: Growth & Change

Throughout 2021, we are celebrating Dave and Rob’s 25th year together in business. As their longest standing staff member, I’m reflecting on how our staff and office have changed over those years. I started with the company in 2002. Our office was downtown Muskegon in the Noble Building on W. Western Avenue, which is now […]

An Employee’s Perspective: Then vs. Now

Reflecting back on technology sometimes shows our age more clearly than wrinkles themselves. To hear someone talk about tech from back in the day gives you more insight into their age than if you had a copy of their actual birth certificate (think Atari video game systems, televisions without remotes and rotary dial phones). As […]

Life Outside of Loans: Baby Steps

I had a salad for dinner last night…and I’ll tell you why that matters in just a bit. I was recently introduced to the idea of compound effect, and although it’s a simple idea, it really blew my mind. You’ve probably heard of compound interest when it comes to your money — the more money […]

Life Outside of Loans: Telling Stories

This morning when I got to the office, a co-worker asked me how my morning was going. Most of us respond to this with a knee-jerk “good, you?” or “Ugh, terrible!” Have you ever stopped to think about how subjective those responses are? For instance, let me show you two possible stories about my morning: […]