Second 2022 Service Scholarship Winner Announced

In conjunction with our #MMGivesBack and Service Rewards programs, we’ve launched the Michigan Mortgage Service Scholarship in hopes of recognizing High School Seniors with dreams of pursuing a career in service.

Careers Include:

  • Military
  • Teachers & Educators
  • Government & Politics
  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • First Responders
  • Doctors & Nurses

We received dozens of applicants and examined each one closely. We learned about their goals and aspirations, the community service they completed and impacts they made in West Michigan and how they plan to give back to those that need it most.

We assembled a Scholarship Committee to select our 2022 winners. Two West Michigan graduates will receive $1,000 to further their education.

HannahAfter much consideration, Michigan Mortgage is pleased to announce Hannah DeVrou, a 2022 Allendale High School Graduate, as a winner of this year’s Michigan Mortgage Service Scholarship.

She said the following in her application.

“To me, service is giving to another without them needing to request it. Helping someone in any way you can think of. Service could be as simple as cutting a neighbor’s grass or being there for a friend through a hard season. Service is the most genuine way to show someone that you love them. Service is giving your time to someone else instead of using it on yourself. Service is the most fulfilling way to assist another.”

“I hope to impact our local community in the future by committing wholeheartedly to my career path. By choosing nursing as a major and future career, I am choosing to serve our local community every day I walk into my workplace. Nurses and other Healthcare workers are willing to risk their lives daily by putting themselves in harm’s way to be of service to their community, and I strive for that in my own life. I also plan to volunteer within my community as I do now, making a positive impact on every person I interact with. I plan to serve with the youth of my local church for years to come, mentoring and being a positive influence on young minds.”

Hannah plans to attend the Davenport University and major in Nursing.

“My career goal is to be a Registered Nurse working in a post-operative, pediatric care center,” she said. “I’ve got my hopes set on Helen Devos!”

“This scholarship will impact my studies by helping me save for and afford the schooling to achieve this goal! I am so excited to have been gifted this scholarship and am delighted to use the funding to give back to my community.”

Congratulations, Hannah! You are so deserving of this recognition.