Success Story: Amanda and Steve Rudat

Credit scores don’t appear overnight – it takes time, energy and commitment to grow and build your score.

Amanda and Steve Rudat know that first hand.

“2017 was a good year for us to buy, as we had been working on our credit and finally had the stability in our careers to purchase a home,” Steve said. “We were renting places and getting nothing back in return. We had the money saved up and faith that we could make the commitment.”

Katie Bultema with Greenridge Realty helped Amanda and Steve find the home that best fit their needs.

“We wanted to be able to stay in the area,” Amanda said. “It was also very important for us to make a smart purchase within our budget. We wanted a home that had space for entertaining and room for our dogs to play.”

The couple knew this home would not be their “forever” home, so they focused on properties that had good re-sale value or homes that could appeal to renters in the future.

“Katie was a pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a Realtor,” Steve said.

Katie was the perfect Realtor for Amanda and Steve. When they set out to find the perfect Loan Officer, they were connected to Loan Officer Hayley Woodworth.

“The person we were last renting from in Montague had worked with Hayley and strongly recommended her,” Amanda said. “We had been friends for a long time and to hear him speak so highly of Hayley was a big interest to us.”

“After getting to meet with Hayley and speak to her, it was really a no-brainer,” she added. “It just felt like a good choice for us.”

“Hayley was everything we were hoping for,” Steve said. “Attentive, supportive and a real go-getter. I can’t think of one time where we were wondering what was going on, what our numbers would look like or if someone would call us back.”

“When you are making these kinds of purchases, it is so refreshing to have a person like Hayley in your corner. You feel like you made a friendship, not a transaction. I feel like she had our best interest at heart.”

Amanda echoed Steve’s thoughts.

“Hayley and the staff work very hard, they are pleasant to be around and make us feel special,” she said. “It feels like family and friendship based on the way the team took care of Steve and I. So responsive, so supportive and we loved that about them. Things that could wait until the next day, Hayley was taking care of at night with us on her cell phone.”

In 2017, Hayley exceeded the couple’s expectations. Earlier this year, when Amanda and Steve decided to purchase their second home, Hayley was the first lender they called.

“We called her up out of the blue and this woman got right to work on things again,” Steve said. “She remembered exactly who we were and she was so thrilled to hear that we were looking to buy again. In no time flat, Hayley had numbers for us to start looking over again so we could budget and plan for our new place.”

“As many times as we shifted gears on her, Hayley just rolled with us on it,” he continued. “We ran so many different scenarios, properties and numbers with her and it was always the same great smile, voice and service.”

“We truly believe Hayley enjoys seeing people succeed in their dreams and purchases and it shows in the way she supports her clients. We are so happy to have found her!”

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