Success Story: Genelle & Kurt

Genelle and KurtTiming is everything.

Genelle and Kurt knew that firsthand when they purchased their new home a few months ago.

They reached out to Hayley and her team at Michigan Mortgage to get the home-buying process started.

“We had a great experience,” Genelle said. “I think the timing was perfect as far as pricing of our new home. We missed the big increase in values and the increase costs of lumber, too.”

According to Genelle and Kurt, our Holland team exceeded all expectations.

“I liked how quickly they followed up with us,” Genelle said. “They never made us feel rushed and always answered any questions we had.”

“I’m glad we had the opportunity to work together,” she said. “Everything went really well!”

Genelle and Kurt celebrated their first Christmas in their new home with their beautiful grandchildren. It was a magical day!

They are looking forward to completing a few landscaping projects this spring.

Thank you for trusting us to guide you home, Genelle and Kurt! We enjoyed working with you.