Hometown Highlights: Passport to Growth

Passport to Growth with your “tour guides” Rich Lohman, Dave Rudin and Leigh Lohman.

“Without continuous growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Hometown Highlights: PassPort to GrowthIf you are looking to grow in the areas of leadership, personal development and communication, Passport to Growth invites you to take action now and give yourself the gift of growth through mentorship. If you struggle with being consistent with growth and feel that you lack the tools for professional and personal growth, this program offers a community to help you bridge the gap so that you have the exercises and tools necessary to progress and succeed.

Passport to Growth is designed to be flexible and adaptable so that even those with the busiest of schedules can operate effectively within the structure. For an entire year, members can access this mentorship program before or after work, during a break or as a designated part of you workday. Passport to Growth is Designed for individuals and larger organizations alike.

Your mentors will guide you and encourage you through the process, meeting you where you are on your journey.

Rich Lohman has been a full time speaker, coach and trainer for nine years. He is an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Speaking, Coaching, Training Team and is also a DISC certified
Consultant. His main goal is to be a resource, friend and mentor to help and challenge your growth, improve your leadership skills and help you achieve amazing success in all areas of your life.

Leigh Lohman in truth is a Realtor but she is so passionate about personal and professional growth that she became a certified John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer as well as being
a DISC certified Trainer. Along with her strong desire to walk beside people in their growth journeys, Leigh is also a recent graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, driving her
focus to the overall health of a person, mind, body and soul. She believes we cannot be whole unless we work on all facets of life.

Dave Rudin has been on the path to growth for over 20 years. He realized that it was necessary to make a shift to being intentional, surrounding himself with other people that had
been where he wanted to go that his growth journey really started to take off. He recognized that content alone, (books, podcasts, seminars) wasn’t enough to make great strides in personal and professional growth.

One of the primary goals is to offer affordable, weekly coaching that follows a curriculum that offers concrete action steps to take in order to have clarity in your personal and professional life.

The support from the coaches and the community gives everyone the opportunity to succeed, with a weekly coaching call, group tasks, weekly growth assignment, worksheets, discussion, Q & A
sessions, and a Facebook community to interact with. The calls are also recorded for those times when your schedule may not allow you to be a part of the live call or for the times you need additional reflection on a particular topic, you are able to go back and listen as many times as you need.

To learn more about Passport to Growth go to www.passportogrowth.com or contact Rich at Rich@woohooing.com.

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