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Hometown Highlight: 75Walls

Two hometown gals starting a mural movement in Muskegon, Michigan, one wall at a time. Christine Mattson and Jenni Schuitema are the faces behind 75Walls. In line with movements across the U.S., the goal of 75Walls is to beautify inspire and bring joy to the Muskegon area by commissioning artists to transform the Muskegon area […]

Hometown Highlight: The Front Porch Project

Kelly Rogers Ruffing has a passion for people, for life and for capturing special moments. Kelly is a photographer, mom and community cheerleader in Spring Lake. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she added “The Front Porch Project” to her resume. The closure of schools and local business brought families together and indoors. So many special […]

Hometown Highlights: Passport to Growth

Passport to Growth with your “tour guides” Rich Lohman, Dave Rudin and Leigh Lohman. “Without continuous growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin If you are looking to grow in the areas of leadership, personal development and communication, Passport to Growth invites you to take action […]

Hometown Highlights: Jenn VanHekken

What do you get when you combine a serving heart, crazy positive energy and the desire to help others? You get Jenn VanHekken. She is quick to smile, quick to laugh and quick to contemplate! Jenn’s journey has brought her to this amazing place in her life in which she finds herself coaching, blogging, podcasting, […]

Hometown Highlights: The Be Event 2019

BE is the most common verb in the English language. To BE is to exist, live, take place, happen; to belong, to attend; to remain in a certain state or situation undisturbed, untouched. What is the BE event? A goal setting conference, featuring eight speakers, each focusing on key areas of life, ranging from relationships, […]

Hometown Highlights: Dr. Tabatha Barber Duell

In a world full of buzz words like gut microbiota, leaky gut, diseases of affluence, mind/body connection, functional medicine, mindfulness, phytochemicals, detoxification… it’s no wonder that we are all confused about how to live our best life. Enter Dr. Tabatha: “Take care of yourself! Doctors orders!” Dr. Tabatha Barber Duell’s passion to encourage women to […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a New Home

Shopping for a new home can be one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime! When you venture out to purchase a home, make sure you set yourself up for success and an amazing experience. Avoid these common mistakes: Not having your financing in order when you are ready to make an offer. It is […]

Hometown Highlight: Call to Lead Coaching

With a radiant smile and exuberant welcome, Julie Stenberg exudes confidence with equal parts caring. As a life coach, Julie helps people create a “Go For It” life and business. Julie’s goal is to guide people back to life. When you meet her, it is obvious that Julie is living out her purpose, using her […]