Success Story: Laura McCarthy

As part of our “Success Story” series, we’d like to introduce you to Laura McCarthy, a woman that doubted her ability to achieve the American Dream of homeownership but trusted Michigan Mortgage to guide her home. This is her story.

Homeownership is a dream for many, especially for those looking to provide a safe and stable environment for their children.

Some know the dream is in reach while others question their ability to make the large purchase at every turn. Laura McCarthy was one of those people. She thought homeownership was something she may never achieve.

“As a single mom, to be honest, I did not think I would be able to purchase a home given my past credit history,” Laura said. “I was renting and my money was going nowhere with nothing to show for it. I was hesitant and extremely nervous and thought the people at Michigan Mortgage would laugh me out of their office.”

Much to her surprise, that wasn’t the case at all. It was far from it, actually.

“Dave Lehner and I are old high school chums,” she said. “I knew he would be willing to help me and be able to tell me if my dream was a possibility. He instantly put my fears aside explaining my options and being honest in what I should do with what I could afford.”

Laura knew she was in the right place. Not only did she trust the guidance offered by Dave and his team, she worked with a Realtor that was also a friend.

“I chose to work with Amy Rudholm because of her expertise in the field, her patience, her knowledge and willingness to help me find exactly what I needed and to be sure I was making the right decision,” Laura said.

“Amy told me many times ‘it’s my job to get you exactly what you want’ and she went above and beyond in making that happen,” she continued. “We looked at many homes and she gave me her honest opinion and we kept moving forward. The home I chose was for sale by owner and Amy did not hesitate to work with the sellers and was diligent in making sure I got exactly what I wanted!”

“The inspection process was a bit overwhelming, but once again, Amy was there every step of the way and put my mind at ease.”

Dave and his team made sure to be available anytime Laura needed a little help.

“I had lots of questions every day and no one from the Michigan Mortgage office ever made me feel like I was crazy or bothering them at any time,” she said. “They answered all of my questions and kept me updated daily with emails that were encouraging.”

“Jill, Ronda and Team Lehner were amazing to work with and treated me like family.”

When we received the final clear-to-close, it was a celebration for all!

“It was smooth and quick and before I knew it, we were closing and celebrating,” Laura said. “I happened to be out of town the day I could get the keys and move in, so thanks to my family and Amy’s connections, they made it happen so that I came home to my new house ready to move in!”

Laura, Taylor and Lindsay (her two beautiful children!) have had nothing but fun in their new home. It’s the only place they want to be.

“I cannot thank Michigan Mortgage enough,” Laura said. “Top notch, stellar organization and would (already have) recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home that needs a little extra help and guidance along the way like I did.”

Laura can’t thank Amy and Dave enough for helping make her dream home a reality.

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