Supporting the #ReimagineChallenge

The Reimagine Project is a community-wide initiative to rebuild the iconic Imagination Station in Grand Havens Mulligan’s Hollow. The goal is to reimagine the current play structure at Mulligan’s Hollow so that it will meet the needs of future generations, with accessibility to all, built with the best, most durable products. The saying “it takes a village”, couldn’t be more true in this beautiful community wide effort.

The project will be designed by over 100 local children, much like the original structure, constructed by 2,500 volunteers, 27 years ago. Over 1,500 volunteers will contribute to the construction and the community will fund the project 100 percent.

There are many ways to contribute to the Imagination Fund. Visit their website to learn how. Opportunities to give include: a picket for the fence, sponsor a component of the new play-space, purchase the Grand Haven-Opoly game, give through the Reimagine Real Estate Challenge or become a lead donor.

At Michigan Mortgage we are excited to have had the opportunity to participate in the Reimagine Real Estate Challenge, when we were challenged by Ryan Miller with Michigan Insurance Group to donate to the local fund. Thanks to Unsalted Living and Capstone Real Estate, who initiated this challenge to our local real estate and affiliated companies. Excited to accept the $500 Challenge, we in turn, challenged Jake Hoogeboom with @Home Realty in Grand Haven, who kept the ball rolling, by challenging Angela Hyde with @Home Realty. And, the challenge continues. We are so excited to see how much money is raised by our local real estate leaders.

Imagine living in a community so willing, enthusiastic and able to give when a need arises. We can’t wait to see the student lead designs moving forward! It takes a village of giving, industrious individuals to make change and we live in one of those communities! Michigan Mortgage loves West Michigan.

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