Who is Rob Garrison?

Rob Garrison is a husband, father, brother, son, and a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Rob GarrisonHe’s also a leader, learner and business partner. This year, he’s celebrating his 25th year in the Mortgage Industry with his partner and co-branch manager, Dave Lehner. Together, they’ve formed an unstoppable team.

In honor of their 25th year in business, we sat down with Dave to talk more about the “outgoing guy” he met back in high school.

Join us as we get to know Rob Garrison from Dave Lehner’s perspective.

Michigan Mortgage: What was your first impression of Rob?

Dave: I thought Rob was a sharp, outgoing guy. I remember hanging out with him when we were with mutual friends and we got along great even though I was from the rival school. I soon learned that Rob was very motivated and he had so many great traits.

Rob is very detailed and organized. He’s a forward thinker and I could tell right away he was a self-starter and had potential to be a great leader and owner.

MM: You’ve been in business with Rob for 25 years. How has he changed? What has stayed the same?

Dave: In the beginning, we both worked out of our homes. We were trying to build a clientele and bring in business. Rob was always there for me and we’d brainstorm to figure out ways to make the mortgage process better, faster and easier.

We learned the business without much training so we leaned on each other for support. Rob has been the best business partner I could have! He has not changed in his/our vision, his commitment and his desire to keep growing the company the right way.

MM: What makes Rob a great Loan Officer?

Dave: Rob is an honest person with a big heart! He is there for his clients to help guide them, educate them and make sure they are doing the best thing for their unique situation. When he looks at mortgage loan options with clients, he always acts as a friend looking out for them.

MM: What makes Rob a great Leader?

Dave: Rob is a reader! He loves to read and he reads a lot of business books and brings the ideas he learns to the company. We have implemented many of those ideas to make us better personally and professionally. Rob has a clear vision and is very good at expressing that vision to the staff. He leads people by empowering them in their roles at the company.

MM: I’m sure 25 years in business together has created a few good memories. Can you share your favorite?

Dave: I have so many stories and they all make me smile. When we first started having Christmas parties, we hosted them in the basement at my house. One year we played “Let’s Make a Deal” and both of our wives bought goldfish as one of the prizes behind the doors. We had a little too much to drink that night and ended up tipping over the fish. Rob and I tried to give a speech and it turned out so bad! It was a fun night and I remember it like it was yesterday.

I am so thankful that I met Rob when I was 16 years old! And I’m so thankful he is my business partner; I consider him a true friend and will for the rest of my life.

I would not be where I am today without you, Rob. I love you!

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