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Image showing a family tree for the Fredricks Family.

Success Story: The Fredricks Family

As part of our “Success Story” series, we’d like to introduce you to the Fredricks Family, a group of parents, siblings, cousins and friends, that have trusted Michigan Mortgage to guide them home. This is their story.

At Michigan Mortgage, it’s a family affair. We employ husband and wife teams, cousins and life-long friends.

Often times, the families we work with are related too. It’s an honor and a privilege when multiple generations – like members of the Fredricks Family – put their trust in Michigan Mortgage.

It all started many, many years ago. In third grade, in fact. Long before Rob Garrison was a licensed Loan Officer, he spent his days on the playground with Brian Fredricks. A friendship was born and it has lasted for nearly half a century.

“My dad, Brian, originally recommended Rob to me,” said Zach Fredricks. Because Brian had closed a loan with Michigan Mortgage years ago, and the two have been friends for so long, Zach was convinced that Rob and his team were the right fit.

He made the right choice.

“Early in the process, Rob advised us on ways in which to improve our credit score and drop off hundreds of dollars a month in interest making our dream home affordable,” Zach said.

“There were several times Team Garrison saved the deal,” he continued. “During the appraisal, when calculating cash to close. It’s unlikely that we would have been able to make the home sale happen without their expertise.”

After Zach moved into his dream home, his cousin Conor met with Rob to begin the home-buying process for the first time.

“Being a first-time home buyer, I wanted to work with someone I could have an open discussion with about my goals and how to best achieve them,” Conor said. “I trusted Rob to guide me through the process and was always comfortable asking him even the simplest questions.”

“I was purchasing a house from a family friend without a Realtor, so I needed someone to fill in any areas that typically would be handled by an agent and knew Rob would be willing to work with me.”

“I mention Rob anytime I talk with friends or family looking to get into a new place,” Conor said. “At the very least he is a great person to talk to with open questions and he can educate you on parts of the process you may not be familiar with. He knows how to layout your options clearly and help you hit your financial goals.”

The family tree doesn’t stop there. Before Zach and Conor worked with Team Garrison in 2018, they worked with Maury and Karen Fredricks and their daughter, Sandi.

“We initially went to Rob because he is a friend of ours,” said Karen Fredricks. “We had a complex issue and wanted to deal with someone we trusted with our personal information.”

“Rob and his team have a turn key system that is fast and efficient,” Karen said. “He proved to get the job done when others couldn’t.”

“I really couldn’t believe how fast Rob and his team got our deal done, it was within weeks,” she said. “It seemed like everyone had a task to complete the process from start to finish and their response to questions and requests was second to none.”

Team Garrison always found a way for the Fredricks Family, and because of that, they would recommend Michigan Mortgage “a thousand time more” because “they are truly the best.”

Image of Michigan Mortgage staff members at the event

Fall Family Fun Customer Appreciation Event

On October 20, we invited past clients and our realtor partners to Mellema Farms for a “Fall Family Fun” appreciation event prior to the “Big Game” (University of Michigan took on Michigan State University at The Big House).

It wasn’t perfect weather wise, but we enjoyed spending time with everyone in attendance.

Mellema Farms had pumpkins on display and offered hayrides to their most popular pumpkin patches. We served fall treats and warm coffee to those willing to venture out in the gloomy weather. New this year, we set up a fall-themed display for complimentary family photographs.

Kaitlin Grace Photography was on the farm to lend a hand and capture multiple photos of each family. We hope you enjoy the finished product!

Special thanks to our past clients and realtor partners that braved the weather – thunder, rain, hail and a little bit of sunshine – to spend the day with us at Mellema Farms. We appreciate your continued support!

To view a photo gallery from this year’s event, click here.

Service Rewards logo

Rewarding Home Discounts for Honorable Service

Over the past 20 years, we have had the honor and pleasure to work with many clients that we consider local heroes.

There are those professions, the ones that attract a special kind of person, that make a positive different in our communities and our country.

To honor those heroes and to show our gratitude, we have designed a program to give savings to police officers, firefighters, first responders, government employees, veterans, military personnel and teachers.

At Michigan Mortgage, we are committed to maximizing what our heroes can save on a home.

“This program is special and something we believe in,” said Dave Lehner, loan officer and co-branch manager. “We are committed to our Service Rewards program because the people that go above and beyond to help, protect, teach and serve deserve a break. It takes a special person to sacrifice for our country, protect us from harm and teach our children without asking for anything in return.”

“Giving back is a small ‘thank you’ for all they do or have done for our community and we owe it to them.”

When you register with our Service Rewards program, you are eligible to receive the following discounts associated with purchasing a home.

  • Realtor Fees
  • Mortgage Closing Costs
  • Appraisals
  • Title Fees
  • Home Inspections
  • Home Cleaning, Restoration and Moving

We have partnered with local professionals that feel it is important to pass along savings to these heroes.

“We are so grateful and appreciative to our local partners for their commitment to the Service Rewards program,” said Rob Garrison, loan officer and co-branch manager. “Their discounts are a clear recognition of the sacrifices and value that service heroes bring to our nation and community.”

The process is quite simple. Visit our website, register as a Service Rewards member and we will put you in contact with a local realtor participating in the program.

If you’d rather, give us a call at 231-799-2606 and we can guide you through the process.

Michigan Mortgage team at Flat of Flowers event

12th Annual Flat of Flowers Fun

May in Michigan brings excitement to the halls of Michigan Mortgage.

After a long, cold, snowy winter, we anticipate the beauty that spring brings to the lakeshore. With the spring warm up, we look forward to our Client Appreciation Flat of Flowers event so we can say thank you to our wonderful, loyal clients and friends that support MM year after year!

“We look forward to this event every year,” said Branch Co-Manager and Loan Officer Dave Lehner. “We like to catch up with past clients and see how their families are doing, welcome our new clients and celebrate the start of spring.”

This year, the rain came down but didn’t deter from the fun. Braving the weather and the mud with smiles and umbrellas in tow, it was a blast catching up with all who attended.

We hope that everyone felt a little spoiled when they left with a beautiful array of flowers to enjoy over the summer.

Thank you to everyone who popped in to say help and enjoy some warm coffee and treats under the Michigan Mortgage tent!

We’d also like to extend a HUGE thank you to Weesies Brothers Garden Center in Nunica who did not disappoint. They offered a beautiful selection of varying flowers to fit everyone’s taste. We appreciate you hosting the event!

We look forward to seeing everyone next May for the 13th Annual Flat of Flowers event!