Success Story: Kaycie and Cody Cooper

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Bad things happen when we least expect it and surprises may be waiting for us around every turn.

For Kaycie and Cody Cooper, it was the latter. Life’s unexpected moments led them to their dream home in Hamilton when they weren’t even looking.

“We were living in a home that was a bit snug for our family of six, but the location was perfect and we were content,” Kaycie said. “While we knew we were not in our forever home, we figured we would stay put for another 3-5 years.”

According to the Cooper family, God had other plans.

The family that lived next door to the pair’s brother, sister-in-law and their children, experienced a life-changing event and needed to sell their home. This is where the unexpected moments began.

“When my sister-in-law caught wind of the possible sale, she contacted the owners and discovered that it was, in fact, true,” Kaycie said. “We got really excited because it was everything we could have wanted in our next home.”

“Although we were not necessarily ready for this process, we decided to jump in feet first and see where it led us,” Cody said.

The next few weeks went better than expected. The Coopers were able to sell their home very quickly. After one open house, six offers came pouring in.

“Doors just kept opening,” Cody said. “We were pleasantly surprised with how perfect everything worked out.”

When it came time for the not-so-exciting part of homeownership – the loan process – Kaycie relied on her sister-in-law for a recommendation.

“My sister-in-law suggested that we reach out to Amy,” she said. “They had just bought their home a year before and spoke rave reviews about Amy and her team at Michigan Mortgage. She said the process was ‘easy’ and that was exactly what we were looking for.”

The Cooper’s had a few specific expectations. They wanted to wrap things up quickly, wanted to work with someone who would walk them through the process with ease and wanted to make sure they were fully aware of what was happening, every paper they were signing and what to expect next.

“Amy did all of that and more,” Kaycie said. “I remember the first few conversations I had with Amy and how sweet and confident she was on the phone. She even let me bother her on the weekend! To me, that spoke volumes.”

“While I didn’t want to take away her time from her family, she understood that things come up and was willing to take a few minutes to answer my questions and steer me on the road moving forward,” Kaycie continued. “Since we were buying and selling at the same time, she was knowledgeable and willing to help with the entire process”

“I knew right away that I could trust her and that was something I really valued. I was always very surprised by how quickly she worked.”

“I felt very taken care of and felt like Amy truly cared,” she said. “When you are making a life decision as big as buying your dream home, this is very important. I feel like I couldn’t have been in better hands.”

Hamilton is a special place and the Copper’s had a truly special home-buying experience thanks to Amy and her team at Michigan Mortgage.

Not only did the new home had everything the couple wished for – a master closet, individual bedrooms for each of their four children, a fireplace, a big kitchen, a mud room and a pole barn for Cody – it had something no other home could offer.

“The added bonus is that we are right next to family,” Kaycie said. “Between the four of us, we have 10 children, all under the age of 14. These cousins are extremely excited to grow up together and will always have someone to play with.”

“We feel so fortunate and blessed to have been able to purchase our dream home even when we weren’t looking.”

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