Success Story: Paul Hettinga

When it’s time to buy a new car, travel to a new destination or check out a new restaurant, we rely on our friends and family for referrals.

The same is true when it’s time to buy a new house. We turn to our friends and family for Realtor and Loan Officer recommendations.

Paul Hettinga did just that and it led him to Michigan Mortgage.

Success Story Hettinga“We heard about Michigan Mortgage through a friend, Bill Swano,” Paul said. “He said this is the best mortgage broker in the area and that I should only work with them. He was right!”

Paul and his wife purchased a second home in Spring Lake, a beautiful condo on Lloyd’s Bayou. They paid cash to expedite the closing but wanted to do a cash-out refinance several months later to put some of the cash they spent back into the market for retirement.

“Beginning with Rob and then his whole team, I was very impressed with the promptness of all replies, the hands-on leadership approach to guiding us through the process and the care to make sure we we’re comfy with each step,” Paul said. “David Onofrio and Jules Lindemulder were both professional and courteous as they guided us through the process. We were very impressed and thankful.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing, but when you have the right team on your side, obstacles can be overcome.

“Every mortgage process has some unusual circumstances to overcome, and ours was no exception,” Paul said. “As a second home mortgage and being retired presented special difficulties that Rob, Jules and David were able to guide us through to a successful closing.”

“The mobile app (Pro Snap) is a terrific tool, making it very easy to supply documents, keep us on track with the process and ultimately to get ready for the closing.”

Paul recommends Michigan Mortgage to anyone in the West Michigan area. In fact, he has already directed two different friends to Team Garrison.

Thanks for putting your trust in us, Paul! We hope you enjoy your beautiful views this summer.